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All the Franchise Centers should Follow these rules

  • All the Documents received from students or AEG should be kept safely
  • Admission, Exam or any other Fee once deposit will not be refund or adjust by AEG in any condition.
  • Last date for fees payment would be 20th of the month, if the student will not pay the fee he/she will has to pay Rs. 100/- as a late fee charge from Students.
  • In case students will be absent without inform to ASC, his/her admission may be terminated automatically.
  • No candidate of doubtful character or adopting unfair means will be admitted.
  • The Last date of admission will be decided by the AEG.
  • The First Installment of the fee must be deposited just after the candidate is declared to be Admitted.
  • The Candidate concerning the facts will be liable for furnishment.
  • The Admission of the candidate may be cancelled who is found to be indulged of the criminal activities.
  • No candidate will be get admission after the last date of admission.
  • Diploma/Certificates will be provided only those students, who passed the Examinations in Theory and Practical.


  • After getting registered, all students can verify their Admission, ASC, Course at AIVET official website. A Passed student can also verify his/her Marksheet, Certificate, through the official website of AIVET.
  • Postal Verifications are also available. For postal Verification Students/ any other Department Head can Download Verification Form and Fill it, attach all supporting Documents & Payment of 500/- and Submit it to our Corporate Office: Mahoba UP by Regd Post Only. We will Send you with Verification Letter.
  • A Physical verification also available here by paying a verification fee at AIVET Corporate office- Mahoba UP.